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More generally known as breast augmentation, breast enhancement is the option many women turn to in order to improve their good looks and enlarge their breasts. The procedure as such, basically consists of the insertion of special silicon bags under the pectoral or the mammary gland; once in the right place, these bags also called prostheses are filled with a salty solution or saline. The immediate results of a breast enhancementoperation are noticed as there will be a better contour and an expanded breast area.

However, besides the surgical breast enhancement methods, there are other means to have nice, larger breasts without necessarily turning to implants. This can be achieved by means of hormone treatments that stimulate the growth of the mammary gland. Mention should be made that such breast enhancement methods can be used only under strict medical observation and after running complete health tests, since the large quantity of hormones used to enlarge breasts may have severe side effects.

Hormone treatments for breast enhancement are not recommended to women who suffer from fluctuating blood pressure, phlebitis, cardiac rhythm disturbances and many more. So, in case you want to turn to this kind of breast enhancement treatment, you should know that a perfect health condition is a must, otherwise you just risk your life for the sake of good looks. One other alternative, many people turn to for breast enhancement is the use of herbal formulas for bust growth.

Breast Enhancement Supplements

Maybe the results are not as spectacular as in the case of surgery, but the method is almost risk-free. Herbal breast enhancement formulas seem to work for large breasts that have lost their firmness and shape because of age or child birth; benefits show after a few months of administration when the mammal tissue turns firmer and smoother. Among the herbs used within the composition of the breast enhancement supplements we could mention: wild yam, holy thistle, dandelion root, mother wort or saw palmetto.

When starting a breast enhancement treatment it is normal to wonder how long it will take before you actually see results? Normally, herbal formulas require a larger period of administration, before the dimension changes, the first noticeable element will be more breast firmness and tissue regeneration. In the case of hormone breast enhancement methods, results will show sooner, even within a few weeks, the only problem is that you’ll have to make regular visits to the doctor to have your condition monitored all the time.

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    Breast enhancement is the option for many women turn to improve their good looks and enlarge their breasts.


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